HBO came to us wanting to create a platform celebrating their female creators, stars and characters. So we came up with So She Did: a campaign about women being women, even when it means breaking all the "rules."
As part of this platform, we partnered with internet-famous card game We're Not Really Strangers to create a deck all about celebrating and exploring women's relationships to each other.

Female friendships - onscreen and IRL - are often some of the most supportive, uplifting and even challenging relationships in our lives. They dare us to be our truest selves and teach us to accept who we are. Each question in our special-edition deck was inspired by on-screen BFFs to deepen and celebrate female friendships and encourage women to be their truest selves. Think Rue and Jules. Molly and Issa. The women of Sex and the City. And now, you and your bestie.

To launch our deck, The Sex Lives of College Girls star Amrit Kaur played the game live on Instagram with her real-life best friend. 

The deck sold out in 13 minutes.

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