On the day after Christmas, 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer. I started a blog about it. Don't worry, it's funnier than it sounds.
Blog stats:
140,000+ page views
(in 39 countries)
900+ comments
500+ followers
Cancer stats:
In remission
Plan to live forever
With the help of the very talented art director and designer Kara Noble, I published a collection of essays about my experience titled "All My Friends Got Engaged, and I Got Cancer." Check it out here.
After my diagnosis, several of my friends at the Brandcenter decided to run the Monument Avenue 10K to raise money for cancer research at the VCU Massey Cancer Center. They created this amazing fundraising video:
In just a few days, we exceeded our goal of raising $5,000 - and the cause was featured on AgencySpy and The New York Egotist. In the end, we tripled our $5,000 sum and donated more than $15,000 to cancer research. We also got a shoutout on Buzzfeed.
Hair is overrated.
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